V. FRAAS Excelence

Subcontracting for mechanical surface treatment.

Many things can be realized -
from bed linen and home accessories to flow. 

Roughing & Shearing - Determine the handle of your textile with us.

Textile finishing has always played a central role at V. FRAAS. One of our core competences is to control the balance between surface stability and softness. We also offer these to our external partners. Finishing capacities for third-party textiles are available all year round. 


We use the following finishing techniques:

dyeing, washing, fulling, rope opening, wet brushing, stretching, drying, softening, roughening, shearing, pressing, decatizing, compacting, brushing, calendering and levelling. 


Specific make-up and packaging are, if desired, our expertise and part of our service program.


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Uwe Kemnitzer
phone +49 9252 703 0


V. FRAAS Excelence


In cooperation with you, V. FRAAS finishes your textiles.

We look forward to your individual requirements and challenges.