Verantwortung bei V. FRAAS

To us, acting responsibly is a natural thing to do.

We are committed to honest manufacturing, even if it makes our products more expensive and, therefore, less profitable. We not only carry responsibility for our product, but also for our 600 employees worldwide.

Responsibility at V. FRAAS

Taking ecological factors into consideration and, at the same time, still looking perfect. With our scarves this is no contradiction.

We use high-quality materials and processes, some developed by us ourselves, that can be worn with no trouble by people with allergies or sensitive skin. For instance, our quality brand Cashmink®. It is important to us that something that looks as good as our scarves, should also be comfortable and pleasant to wear. That’s because we understand that high-quality not only means value and workmanship, but also the wearing comfort.


It doesn’t matter which materials our scarves are made from, one thing is for sure - there are no questionable substances hiding in our scarves and products. Just a great deal of wearable comfort, the highest quality, and still more happiness. They look good and do you good. These two aspects always belong together in a scarf from V. FRAAS.




Responsibility at V. FRAAS

Sustainability is like a good scarf - it has to make you feel good.

“Everyone talks about how important it is, but only a very few do it.” What do we mean by that? Get more exercise? No, not quite. It’s about sustainability in the company. Acting ecologically and ethically is not the common approach in the textile industry.



We at V. FRAAS were living sustainable before this word became fashionable. Because sustainability in our company has many facets, from environmental protection all the way to treating our employees with respect. 


Technology at V. FRAAS


If you want to manufacture in an environmentally friendly way then you must invest in equipment. We’ve done that. Through the implementation of the most modern technologies, we’ve been able to reduce our total consumption of electricity.
Ressources at V. FRAAS


Many of our employees have been with us for many years. We value our employees’ high performance and expertise, without neglecting the human element. Because we know that employees who love their job and feel appreciated are just as important to creating the perfect scarf as the right selection of raw materials.
Rejects at V. FRAAS


Being true Franconians, we don’t like wasting anything and hate sloppy work. That’s why we aim to work as precisely and at the highest level of quality possible. In every sense of the word. We don’t have to hide the results, manufacturing six million finished scarves with only 2–3 percent defective goods is impressive.