Responsibility at V. FRAAS

Sustainability is like a perfect scarf: 
It must feel good.

Precious natural materials, clear water and lots of inspiration ... At V. FRAAS, we appreciate what nature gives us. That's why we also give something back to her.

Verantwortung bei V. FRAAS


At V. FRAAS, we have always believed that actions speak louder than words.
From water-saving production to innovative recycling ideas, acting responsibly has been second nature for us for many years. That is why sustainability, in all its variations, runs like a green thread through our entire company. And with us, it not only feels good, it also looks good.



Nachhaltigkeit bei V. FRAAS
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To date, we have already invested more than 500,000 euros
in avoiding CO2 and offsetting it.

To keep our world the way we love it, everyone must do something to stop global warming.

We at V. FRAAS actively contribute our part to this. Our CO2 balance, measured in cooperation with Climate Partner, is already relatively low. This is ensured by clever energy and production management and extremely short distances through regional suppliers for many products. For example, our Cashmink® scarf is a true CO2 hero.

But there is something better than little CO2:

Starting Winter 2021, we are offsetting unavoidable emissions from our Cashmink® accessories and our FRAAS Sustainability Edition (our scarves made from recycled yarns or yarns from sustainable sources) completely through climate protection projects. 

In cooperation with Climate Partner, FRAAS supports a rainforest protection project in the Amazon in combination with regional engagement in Europe. In addition, a hydropower project in Virunga (D.R. Congo). This investment protects one of the oldest national parks in Africa - home to the highly endangered mountain gorillas. 


More about our climate protection projects:

International carbon offset project rainforest Amazon combined with additional regional commitment

International carbon offset project hydropower Virunga

Find out how sustainability is knitted in our company.

An excerpt from general topics:

Our Sustainability Edition: What does that mean exactly?

Beauty is created from sustainable yarn and passion. Our sustainable collection features recycled materials (post-consumer) and materials from renewable and sustainable sources. Recycled polyester, recycled cotton, recycled wool, recycled viscose and FSC viscose, lyocell (Tencel) and much more are used.


Recycled yarns

RECYCLED yarns. Innovative raw materials.

Where beauty is reborn.

We process recycled materials that are reborn as new accessories. This is how scarves and shawls from FRAAS make the world a little more beautiful.

Each item made from recycled fibres does not just preserve resources, avoid waste and protect the environment; it also gives the wearer a clean conscience.


An incredible transformation.

In nature, caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies; at FRAAS, empty P.E.T. bottles are made into colourful fabric. This recycled polyester results in an energy saving of up to 53 per cent in comparison to conventional production and can itself, be recycled too. 



New from old.

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your favourite sweater when it wears out? Perhaps it will become a scarf! FRAAS gives wool and cashmere a new lease on life. These valuable materials are sorted by colour, unravelled into fibres and spun into new yarns.


The best of the rest.

For every T-shirt made, there is leftover fabric. What happens to it? FRAAS has the answer. Leftover material from fabric production is used as the basis for brand-new fashion. Cotton, for example, is sorted by colour, shredded and spun into yarn to make new fabric. 

Our commitment to sustainability at our production sites
using the example of Wüstenselbitz/Germany

Made in Germany - Here we are. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

For decades we have been producing the finest scarves in our Upper Franconian home. With heart and soul, with knowledge that has grown over the years. And out of tradition from when Valentin Fraas founded the company, he already could fall back on two indispensable ingredients. On the one hand, water, which is only available here in its special form and thus allows us to produce in a quality-oriented manner. And on the other hand, on highly qualified workers, which existed in the old weaving region for a long time. This advantage continues to this day. It allows us to ensure that the best scarves are produced by the best skilled workers. You can feel this extraordinary quality standard, which our employees carry on and work into every scarf, in every one of our products.

Made in Germany

Social responsibility:

Humanity and profit do not have to be at odds with each other. On the contrary: we believe that humanity is the prerequisite for success. A motivating work environment, safe working conditions and striving to ensure that things always go "well" for our employees play the central role in this.

It goes without saying that we comply with all obligations required of us by German labour law to create safe and healthy working conditions.


We do this not out of obligation, but out of conviction.


Our German production facility actively applies SMETA audits every year to demonstrate our social responsibility performance. Many individual customer audits are carried out each year, which are passed without fail.


Made in Germany

Ecological responsibility:


We obtain 100% of our energy consumption from "regenerative" resources. In this way, we do our part to stop the overexploitation of our earth and avoid CO2. FRAAS is certified according to ISO 50001, which obliges us to constantly review and improve our energy processes (certified by TÜV/SGS). Our energy consumption has been reduced by 20% in recent years. More than €500,000 has been invested in this.

Exhaust gases:

Our exhaust gases are strictly controlled on a regular basis to comply with German legislation. Investments in modern equipment help to significantly undercut limit values.


Water / waste water:

Our finishing plant uses its own wells on our property to minimise public drinking water consumption. Our dyeing plant and associated laundry do not use hazardous chemicals that are harmful to the health of our employees. Waste water is regularly checked for pollutants and discharged into the public (German) sewage system.



Something close to our hearts: Animal welfare.

"At V. FRAAS, we attach great importance to ensuring that no animal is harmed in our value chain. We only use mulesing-free wool in our own production facilities in Germany and China, categorically reject real fur and insist that our cashmere suppliers are mandatory members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance," says Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director V. FRAAS.

For us, sustainability never means standing still.

We have already achieved several milestones at V. FRAAS - but that does not mean we are resting.

The long-term goal is to further minimize the already low CO2 emissions of our products. The aim is to achieve further reductions in energy consumption, the complete reuse of packaging materials, a comprehensive minimization of the use of plastic packaging, a transformation of the vehicle fleet, etc.




Do you have any further questions? We would be happy to talk openly with you about the topic of sustainability!

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