Responsibility at V. FRAAS

Sustainability is like a perfect scarf:

It must feel good.

Verantwortung bei V. FRAAS

But which fashion manufacturers are also doing something about it?

At V. FRAAS we have long believed that actions are worth more than big words. From water-saving production to innovative recycling ideas, acting responsibly has been second nature for us for many years. That is why sustainability, in all its variations, runs like a green thread through our entire company. And with us, it not only feels good, it also looks good.

Alexander and Andreas Schmidt about sustainability at V. FRAAS:

Nachhaltigkeit bei V. FRAAS
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CO2 Neutralität

To keep our world the way we love it, everyone must do something to stop global warming.

We at V. FRAAS actively contribute our part to this. Our CO2 balance, measured in cooperation with Climate Partner, is already relatively low. This is ensured by clever energy and production management and extremely short distances through regional suppliers for many products. For example, our Cashmink® scarf is a true CO2 hero.

But there is something better than little CO2 - no CO2. That's why we are completely offsetting unavoidable emissions from our Cashmink® accessories with a climate protection project starting in the autumn/winter 2021 season. For a future worth living and many more wonderfully cold winters.

Find out more about our projects with Climate Partner.

Cashmink® - our CO2 hero:

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Every EU citizen causes more
than eight tons of CO2 per year.

But to keep global warming below two degrees, it should only be one tonne. We at FRAAS want to actively contribute to more than just reducing emissions.

A scarf produced by V. FRAAS Germany has a CO2 balance of 3.00kg on average.

And, there is a clear winner:
A Cashmink® scarf "Made in Germany" has an average footprint of 2.00 kg CO2.

Among other things, we use our own wells for finishing to minimize public drinking water consumption. From the fall/winter 2021 season, we will completely offset unavoidable emissions through a climate protection project. This is currently done on a project-related basis.

Yes, and therefore our Cashmink® scarf will be climate neutral in the future.


Wohllebens Waldakademie


Precious natural materials, clear water and lots of inspiration ... At V. FRAAS we appreciate what nature gives us. That's why we also want to give something back. We support the "Urwald" project of Peter Wohlleben. The forester and bestselling author makes it his business to save a unique habitat for many species of animals and plants - with a reserve for old German beech forests. Here we have already leased forest land for conservation, and every scarf of the Sustainability Edition of our brand FRAAS - THE SCARF COMPANY sold makes our reserve grow. So with our current accessories you not only make yourself or others happy, you also give nature a gift.

More about the Urwald project:




Recycling at V. FRAAS

An amazing transformation.

In nature, caterpillars transform into magnificent butterflies. At V. FRAAS, empty PET bottles are transformed into colourful fabric. This recycled polyester saves up to 53% energy compared to conventional production and can even be reused.

From old to new.

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your favourite sweater when it is no longer in use? Maybe a scarf! Wool and cashmere are given a second life at V. FRAAS. The valuable materials are separated by colour, dissolved into fibres and spun into new yarn.

The best of the leftovers.

With every T-shirt, fabric remnants are left over from the manufacturing process. What actually happens to it?

V. FRAAS has an answer: remnants from textile production are used here as basic material for brand new fashion. Cotton, for example, is sorted by colour, crushed and processed into yarn for fresh fabric.