Two lives in harmony.

We offer various possibilities to reconcile the private life of employees and work in the best possible way. 

Our ‘flexitime’ system allows our employees a flexible arrangement of working hours. This allows hobbies and family to be enjoyed. Mothers and fathers are also able to combine work and family through various part-time models.




Sport makes a great contribution to a healthy work life balance. 

How about a yoga course in the company, which has a positive effect on body and soul?


In the winter, the employees start directly from the company premises on the cross-country ski run. In summer (or when there is no snow) a running group meets regularly during the lunch break.


A Zumba course is also offered in the nearby fitness studio. V. FRAAS bears the costs.

It is not only the right job that helps you to enjoy going to work, but also a good working atmosphere - together it is more fun! 

It is not uncommon for colleagues to get together and do something together on weekends and after work. Skiing, hiking or a cozy barbecue evening together strengthens the sense of community.

Celebrations are organized for the staff to boost morale and inclusion. It has now become a tradition for trainees to manage the summer and Christmas parties completely on their own. 

We are always pleased to see when employees part ways with us. For example, many of our former trainees are now in management positions. We always provide support for various training courses.