Fashion bei V. FRAAS

Fashion for every occassion.
Trends from around
the world.

Our design teams seek inspiration all over the world - Paris, New York, Düsseldorf, Shanghai, and, of course, in Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts. Being a little down-to-earth is good for everyone. It takes a variety of trends to create 500 to 700 newly developed scarves and accessories per year.

Fashion bei V. FRAAS


Words of scarf wisdom.
From women who should know.

They design up to 700 scarves per year. They are at home around the world, creating astounding designs for our scarves. Every year something fresh and new. In Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts, New York, Paris, Düsseldorf and Shanghai, they get inspiration at exhibitions all over the world. But, of course, they don’t have all the time in the world. We asked three of our designers to say a few words about the most beautiful accessory in the world - scarves, of course. We are speaking with creative people here, don’t want to bore them with questions like, “Where did you go to school?”. So what enters their minds when they think of our scarves and how they create them.




V. FRAAS Design

Liane Fratipietro - Location: New York

“Our brand bears a clear signature, but should nonetheless be appealing to all tastes and cultures.”
V. FRAAS Design

Eva Vismann - Location: Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts

"Ideas come all by themselves. Usually, when you’re not even looking for them. My creative kick? Whenever I smell paint or even just see an artist’s easel things get moving in my head. Funny, but that’s the way it is.”
V. FRAAS Design

Yoyo Zhang - Location: Shanghai

"My working method? I make a design – I throw it away. I make another design – I throw it away. I make another design – I throw it away. I make another design – and I love it. Sooner or later it’s going to be just perfect.”