Korean, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, just to name a few.

20 different languages are spoken at our sales meetings in little Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts. That’s because our employees are spread out all over the globe. Come take a little trip with us.

Internationality at V. FRAAS

In the beginning there was Wüstenselbitz.

First in small, then bigger steps, the journey took us even further until we had built up a network of retailers, businesses, and customers throughout the world in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Germany / Wüstenselbitz: This is where we manufacture our scarves. Since 1880. This is also where our Cashmink® goats live. (Just kidding. Cashmink® goats are something we can only dream about). We really mean, this is where our Cashmink® scarves are manufactured.

Also Germany:

This is where we produce 70% of the yarn we use.



Internationality at V. FRAAS

Without him, the designers’ scarf ideas would never become a reality.

Rainer Söllner is responsible for the purchase of the most important raw material for manufacturing scarves. The yarn from which the scarves are woven in the factory - warp woven, crocheted, or knitted. Not only does Rainer have to travel all over the world for this, but he also has to take a very close look at every detail.

Dust Bunnies

Unwanted at factory visits: dust bunnies.

When Rainer Söllner sees a dust bunny, it´s not looking good for the supplier. Because, if the cleanliness in the factory is not in order, then usually the yarn won´t be of good quality either.

China: We’re very proud of this - our modern manufacturing facilities in Zhangjiagang. We’re also very proud of our employees.

Mongolia: Here, where it’s nice and cold is where our cashmere goats live. They like it that way.

Canada: This always makes us a bit sentimental. It was starting in Toronto that we conquered North america. With fine scarves, of course.

Denmark: The golden 50s – our fi rst exports were made to Denmark.

Internationalität bei V. FRAAS

USA / Plattsburgh: We are working the large American market locally. For this purpose we operate a large logistics centre in Plattsburgh - Upstate New York. 

USA / New York City: An exciting adventure. Our first office was on the 22nd floor, then on the 45th in the Empire State Building. Our office has now moved to 40th street of Bryant Park. 

Like father, liken son:

Han (left) and HC (right) are the V. FRAAS Sales team in South Korea. A flourishing family business, that couldn't be more successful and harmonious.

Internationality bei V. FRAAS



Australia: It really is interesting that here, in one of the hottest places, lives one of the most important people for V. FRAAS. Before his well-earned retirement, Steve Beatty travelled around the world about four times a year to manage his markets in USA, Canada, Korea, China and Japan. Today he is responsible for the scarf business on his home continent. 


The Middle East: A wonderful place. Hospitable, open-minded people, and a young population that loves Western fashion. The scarf is the most important accessory – what could be better for V. FRAAS?