Scarves are our passion.
Our history.
And our heritage.

The stuff we're made of: 1more than 40 years of company history, five generations, and one philosophy - to put all our knowledge, passed on from generation to generation, into every scarf. You can feel this passion. In every one of our scarves.

We wish you an enjoyable journey of discovery through our world.

Learn how we are knitted. Or: An instruction manual for this website.

~1~ Whether on the sofa or somewhere in the countryside - sit down and relax (maybe even lie down). Our website is just like our scarves - pleasant, pleasing, made for you. It is not intended to instruct, but to entertain. And to keep you happy!

~2~ You are sitting down now? OK, get back up again. Go get yourself something to drink, it makes reading even more fun. A Franconian Pinot Noir perhaps? Recommended by our managing directors since it’s a soothing wine that brings out the best notes from the rich soil of the environment.

~3~ If you get chilly while reading, you can of course throw on one of our scarves. We like to call this “immersing yourself in the matter”.

~4~ Here we go - Just click through as you like, and experience every fibre of our passion for scarves. We have put together many different stories for you, all with one thing in common, to show you why we have been producing scarves with love and dedication for more than 140 years.




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