Unnaturally soft.
Naturally warm.

Cashmink® is the result of years of experience and highly technical, patented manufacturing and finishing processes. A special synthetic functional material that surpasses every natural fibre in softness, warmth and comfort. 

Is there anything finer than cashmere? Yes, there is. Cashmink® is finer than all natural fibres, even 20% finer than cashmere fibres. And you can feel that with every touch. Incomparable softness, optimal thermal insulation, with the highest level of climate comfort. 

In short, Cashmink® feels wonderfully cozy and soft against the skin.




Gone are the days of skin irritating materials. Cashmink® is absolutely skin friendly, hypo-allergenic and water repellent. This was also confirmed by the Hohenstein Institute. The fineness of the material ensures an all-around pleasant wearing comfort, even for sensitive skin. Thanks to innovative production techniques, it is possible to manufacture Cashmink® products in a wide variety of designs and colours. At the same time, the fine, silky shining material expresses each colour remarkably brilliantly. This unique luminosity and fashionable variety make Cashmink® accessories a must-have for trendy autumn and winter outfits.


Manufacturing products in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner has always been part of the V. FRAAS philosophy. 

All Cashmink® accessories are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are manufactured in accordance with German quality standards. 

So when you buy Cashmink®, you’re doing something good for your wardrobe, the environment, and yourself.



Recycled and re-spun:

Cashmink® made from reborn polyester - made in Germany. 

Many everyday PET products seem unnecessary, coming to 450,000 tons of plastic annually in Germany alone. Weaving this problem into a solution in the form of fashionable accessories is something we at V. FRAAS think is a beautiful idea to share.  

In nature, caterpillars transform into magnificent butterflies - with us, colorful fabric is created from empty PET (post-consumer) bottles. Our Cashmink® made from pure recycled polyester saves up to 53% energy compared to conventional manufacturing and can itself be reused - 100%.  Our new Cashmink® made of recycled polyester is based on the same standards as the world-renowned original quality we patented.Incomparable softness, anti-allergenic, made in Germany, brilliantly colored designs (especially in jacquards), optimal thermal insulation, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified and now the recycling approach with the independent GRS certificate (Global Recycling Standard). On top, V. FRAAS offsets the unavoidable emissions of all Cashmink® accessories through an international climate protection project. 



Cashmink recycled


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